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Gypsy Jazz & World Grooves

The Hot Club makes you happy!

Whether you’re 9 or 109, The Hot Club of Buffalo makes everyone happy. Dancers love the rhythms. Audiences love the catchy melodies. And everyone has a good time. People say the music is fun, smart…and sexy! That makes The Hot Club of Buffalo perfect for your wedding or party. Also your nightclub, concert hall or festival. Call us. We’ll make you happy too!

Do you want your event to be great?

When you host an event the music is a reflection on you. So it has to be great! Don’t hire another loud, dumb band or DJ. They make people cover their ears; Or worse…get up and leave! Try something different. Hire the Hot Club of Buffalo. You’ll get lots of compliments on your taste and intelligence. That’s much better than watching people cover their ears! Don’t wait. Call us now. Before someone else books us on your special date! (It happens all the time. Sob).

Do you want to draw a crowd?

Why hire a band if they can’t draw a crowd? Even if they’re good, you’ll still lose money. Or have a ‘dead’ event. That’s no fun at all! The Hot Club of Buffalo plays to packed nightclubs, festivals and concerts all the time (see our photos above). We can do the same for you. Let the fun begin! Call us now!

We work with you. So you can relax.

We want your event to be a success! That’s why we listen to your needs and do everything possible to help make it great. When you choose The Hot Club of Buffalo you can relax. We’re seasoned pros and we work with you. When you succeed, we succeed!

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call at (716) 863-2495

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